Great quotes from Jim Rohn that make you successfull

by simone hentze

Great quotes from Jim Rohn can help you to have success in your business. Just listen to what he said and take the necessary action on how  to become successfull. We get paid for bringing value to the marketplace! This is what Jim Rohn once said.

  1. Whenever you start a business you will have to think about this quote first. What exactly are you bringing to the market place that is adding value to the life of the people?
  2. This is what the entire business is all about. Just think about any business or any product. You are always looking at the question: What’s in it for me? And only if there is a perceived value, you are willing to pay the money for it.
  3. This is true for all product or service that is offered in the market place. And this also means that whenever you are offerering any product, you will have to think about what value do you bring to the people?
  4. Once you have found this out, then you are almost certainly going to make money. You then have to get your offer to the people so that they know about it.
  5. Having a great product these days is not enough. It is also important to get this great product or service that you sell to your customer.
  6. This is also true for the Multilevel Marketing Industry. As you might know Jim Rohn made his fortune in this industry. He is still sharing his thoughts and ideas on youtube – an invaluable asset that you can listen to.
  7. But in this industry it is the same. The products many companies provide give a great benefit to those who purchase it. And furthermore, the business oportunity is also something that is worth pursuing. This way you can also enjoy a completely different lifestyle.
  8. The only thing you need to do is to be open enough to listen and to learn the necessary lessons.
  9. Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.

    These great quotes from Jim Rohn are also very powerfull. Sometimes I read it a few times every day and it always inspires me.

    Do you also have all the formal education you need to do your job? This is why you have been hired in the first place, right? But do you own a fortune? Or are you close to it? Take a look at the great quotes from Jim Rohn so that they can enjoy the freedom you desire.

    When I look at the lives of some people who have made a fortune it is not because they were very good at university or have had several degrees from several universities.

    Those people had the strong will and urge to succeed. And then they started to work on themselves. This is exactly what Jim Rohn did. In his youtube videos you can listen him telling that he was a farm boy from Idaho and he really made it big.

    And when he can do it – you can do it too! And in todays world the options are even easier to get to so that it all requieres two things:

    First – your strong will to become successfull and

    Second – your dicipline to proceed with the necessary actions every day.

    If you are willing to do this, then you can do the most surprizing things! The fact that Jim Rohn managed to achieve his goals always inspires me to do the same as well!

  10. Getting a blog started is easy. And it is one great way to get to the result that you desire.

In fact it is possible to become successfull just by writing a blog. When you write a blog post a day, you can gain all you need to get your business to the next level.

With a blog you can reach all the people you want to reach. And this way you can deliver value to the market place in an easy way.

Right now you are paid in your job by the value you deliver. Imagine that you can create a great value and just change the way this great content is delivered. This way you can achieve different results.

This is the reason why a blog is the instrument for you to get you started on getting your goals accomplished.

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