How Starting In The MLM Business Has Changed My Life

by simone hentze

Starting in the MLM Business is easy – you can do it for a little amount of Money. When I first started in the Multilevel Marketing Industrie I have had no idea what would result out of it. I would have never imagined that my decision to become an entrepreneur in this industry would also result in a tremendous change process that is currently still in progress.

Before I started in this industry I was having my regular job in a great company. The year 2008 has set the entire financial world in turmoil. Then I thought starting in the MLM Business is a great idea!

Nothing seemed to be safe and secure. And having just one regular job – is this really enough to support a family? Or would it be better to have something else on the side? At least starting something that can be a plan B?

Sometimes the books you read make a great difference. I have read the German book from the professor Max Otte where he was predicting the crisis before it began.

After knowing that the crisis was actuelly happening I focused on what can be done to prevent it. What can you do to make the best out of it? One of the advices he gave was that it is important to take up another job so that you do not rely just on one job.

This was my start to become an entrepreneur. However, it also took me more than a year to actually start due to a lot of other responsibilities.

Starting in the MLM business and having the decision to do something different changed my life. I was having a goal that I was aiming for. I got into touch with a lot of very kind people who all support each other.

I have not yet realized how amazing a business model is that at the core of it is the support of the other people who are just starting. You can only have success if you support a lot of people and give them all they need to become an entrepreneur themselves.

Right now I am still working full time on my job. But my intention is to become an entrepreneur and to become successfull with my blog business. Starting in the MLM Business has shifted my Focus – and it could do the same for you!

Learning on how to become an entrepreneur has become my life challenge right now. Writing a blog to inspire other people is something that is also very rewarding.

My new goals and the intensive positive know-how I receive from all the trainings that I get have literally transformed my life. This inspiration also carries through to other parts of my life and this is worth all the efforts that are connected with it!

Becoming an entrepreneur takes time and effort. It is great that with Empower Network there are a lot of amazing tools available. I have noticed that it is really important to listen to these amazing stories that are in the inner circle.

Whenever there is some time off I listen to these calls. All the other inspiring stories that are shared there give so much power to continue. Knowing that it is important to go through rough times makes it easier to hold on to it.

There are also a lot of valuable tipps and tricks that are essential on the way to become an entrepreneur. In order to really succeed it is important to adjust your mind. The inner circle is just the right tool to do it.

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