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How to generate Traffic to your Website!

by simone hentze
After going online for your Business you Need traffic for your blog or your landingpage. But how do your achieve this Goal and answer the question how to generate traffic? Here are a few tips where you can check out some ideas that will work for you! When you have your blog or website set up – how do you tell people that you are there? How do you generate traffic? 39 Actionable Ideas for Driving Traffic to Your Website Driving traffic to your website it the first challenge when you are starting to do online business. How am I […]

2 Great Books For Entrepreneurs

by simone hentze
Are you an Entrepreneur? Then you know that three are a lot of books for entrepreneurs that are worth reading. Beside getting your Business started, there are also a few very valuable books that I would like to recommend to you today. Do you know all about how to earn money in today’s world? Although I started my business career working in a bank, I still do not know it all. Rich Dad – poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki When I first read this book I was amazed on how Robert Kiyosaki explained the difference between spending money and earning […]
books about business success

About Business Success: 3 inspiring ideas!

by simone hentze
There are a lot ob books about business success! It is important that you continue to read so that your mindset will develop to the mindset of an entrepreneur. These great books gave me a great inspiration to continue with my business. This is necessary to have the chance to find out what is really the essential success factor for your business and you life! You need to have inspirational books in order to change your thinking. The way your mind is programmed right now is not the way that will make you successfull. Here are three books I have […]

Monitor Google Results with These great Tools!

by simone hentze
Monitor Google results is mandatory once you have a blog and promote your Business online. You Need to find out if you achieve your Goal so that you can get in front of your customer to solve their problems. Starting your own business on the internet can be overwhelming sometimes. However, there are a lot of tools that can help you to find your path so that you know exactly what you are going to do. Writing your own blogs every day and then getting them out is a great start. Google loves blogs and with the Empower Network platform […]
Inspiring success quotes

3 Inspiring Success Quotes

by simone hentze
Inspiring Success Quotes can make a difference in your life. In the end your thoughts determine what you can achieve – and to Change yoru thoughts is a good idea when you want to have different results. Knowing that you are here on this earth to do something special is a key believ of mine. And it is important to give the necessary information so that people can achieve what their lives purpose is. To me this is the only way to become successful in your life. It is important to develop yourself first so that you can become the […]

Improve Your Blogging with These Tools!

by simone hentze
Improve your Blogging with These Tools. Because this will enable you to become better and efficient so that more customers see your offer. When you start blogging you are just starting rigth away. Usually the technical knowledge of Online Marketing is not so high. However, this is also something that can be improved and can be learned. Think about the benefit: You can then sponsor people on autopilot! I think that it is worth investing some time in getting to know the technical side here. ahrefs Once you have your blog out there, you also need to know how well […]

Motivation is Key: Lesson I Learned From Zig Ziglar

by simone hentze
Motivation is key and so important for you lifeĀ – all of the time! And the best person you can find to motivate you is Zig Ziglar. Although he is no longer among us, there is still the chance to listen to what he had to say! It is important to get your daily portion of motivation every day. Just like you have to eat every day – you also need to have something positive for your mind. You have to feed your mind as well every day. Pay attention to what you read and what you listen to in your […]
Goal Setting

3 Inspiring Goal Setting Quotes

by simone hentze
Goal Setting is important for your life! Without it you would just exist and probably ask yourself sometime why you do not lead the life that you want to lead. Reaching what you want to reach is not easy. This is like climbing a mountain. You have to goal to do it and then you go after it. You do not stop until you have reached the top of the mountain. Even if there are obstacles on the way – you will manage it. If you set goals and go after them with all the determination you can muster, your […]

2 Educational Jack Canfield Videos

by simone hentze
Jack Canfield videos have a great power. Whenever you are searching for a good route on how to make you life better – he is always a great address to get inspiration from. Can you determine how you life should be? Who determines the success of your life? Do you think that it is possible that you are responsible for everything that happens to you? And if you do not like your current life – you can just decide to change it. Jack Canfield always encourages you to do so. And this is so amazing! I am so grateful that […]

Lesson I Learned From Les Brown

by simone hentze
To me it is always amazing to listen to stories of successfull people. Les Brown is a great example of how somebody with the right mindset made things happen in his life. This is something so great and inspiring that it really changes the way you think once you listen to it closely. The lesson I have learned from Les Brown is that every human beeing on this planet is very special. You all have a very special gift and it is important that you find out what it is. What is your special talent that you are equipped with […]